On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the services offered by JOW Graphic Design.
Answer to your questions is our primary goal, you can not buy a product or rely on a new partner if you have the utmost confidence and serenity to receive a quality service.
Information on how to buy, how to pay and how to best use the portal are on this page.
Use this section to have all the necessary support and if you still have doubts, write them on the contact form that you find in the link
  • Catalog - How do I search the product that interests me?

    By category, name or code progressive.

  • Catalog - How do I get a custom file

    By submitting your contacts on info@jow-graphicdesign.it

  • Catalog - It's possible to have a preview of the products before posting online?

    Yes, if you are registered as a customer you can have a preview low-resolution three days before posting online

  • Catalog - It's possible to expand the development of a product already on-line?

    Yes, by submitting your contacts on info@jow-graphicdesign.it

  • Product - What can I use the purchased files?

    Print them to create the product you want.

  • Product - Are the files ready for use?

    Yes, the files are high resolution and ready for profiling digital.

  • Product - Can I change them?

    Yes, you can adapt the product for you, considering the characteristics of the file to maintain its quality.

  • Product - Doesn't it take too much to download them?

    No, the time depends on the characteristics of the network (:: :)

  • Free Test - How do the test file?

    By registering as a customer, you can download the test that interests you

  • Free Test - What can I do with free test?

    You can print the portion of the file on the media of your choice and check the results before purchasing

  • Free Test - How can I download them?

    Select the file, upload it in the cart and you can download it directly (verified registration)

  • Input-Flash - What are the input-flash?

    Are suggestions for working with files in relation to the commercial sectors

  • Input-Flash - How can I use them?

    As an example for a pre-internal presentation of the product that you want to develop

  • Input-Flash - To which sectors and products are offered your files?

    For any commercial sector and for each type of product printable

  • MockUp - What are the mockup

    Are automatic systems, they serve to create presentations with different products on the same basis

  • MockUp - How can I request a mockup

    By submitting your contacts on info@jow-graphicdesign.it

  • MockUp - What you need for a customized mockup?

    A file in the desired format in high resolution (at least 300 dpi) with the environment or the object that you want to customize

  • MockUp - How much does it cost?

    The price varies on the type of request is made and then a quote

  • Uses - How can I pay?

    The registered customer can pay with Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

  • Uses - I can buy the original paintings (file for sale)

    Yes, where you can specify at the side of the product description.

  • Uses - What are the conditions for downloading files

    See point 3: Delivery of products / works / digitized works of the terms and conditions of sale

  • Uses - What are the conditions for the exclusive?

    See point 6 of the terms and conditions of sale